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“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well” Virginia Woolf

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So you keep hearing people keep raving about Wagyu Beef. It is said to be the juiciest beef, with no unhealthy fats for a tender, succulent and full of flavour dining experience.

In short, wagyu beef is scrumptiously, mouth-wateringly delicious, it even melts in your mouth!

So what is wagyu?

The word wagyu refers to a Japanese beef cattle breed, and ‘Wa’ means Japanese and ‘gyu’ means cow. 

The ‘marbling’ from Wagyu Beef is packed with health benefits. It refers to the tiny streaks of fat within the meat. It’s also known as intra-mascular fat because the streaks of fat resemble a marble pattern. It gives the meat’s its juiciness, tenderness, texture, and flavour. There’s a grading system in determining the level of taste and benefits of wagyu. The higher the marbling, the better!

It has high levels of omega fatty acids with high ratio of mono-saturated fat that helps to lower the cholesterol level, prevents coronary disease and aids to weight loss. Plus, thanks to its high levels of Conjugated Linoleic Acid, it helps to improve the immune system, aids in fighting cancer, reduces the risk of heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes.

Did you know that there are THREE distinctive different strains of Wagyu Cattle?

These are the Fullblood, Purebred and Crossbred and not all Wagyu Beef is the same. It is important that you know what the differences are in order to get the best out of your wagyu – dining experience, and making sure you get your money worth.

Fullblood Wagyu

A fullblood wagyu refers to the beef produced from 100% wagyu genetics, that shows no evidence of cross-breeding with any other breeds. A Fullblood Wagyu is known to be the highest quality beef ever. Its values and purity are strictly protected by the Japanese government that in 1997, as it banned the export of Wagyu DNA.  

There are strict protocols and specific practices that farmers and ranchers need to follow when raising Fullblood Wagyu. Among them are precise and exclusive diets made of special grains and providing ‘stress-free environment’ for the Fullblood Wagyu.

With all the hard work and efforts being put into raising the highest quality of beef, it is no wonder why Fullblood Wagyu is highly expensive.

Purebred Wagyu

Purebred Wagyu has more than 93.75% pure Japanese Wagyu genetics. The slight difference of having less 7% than Fullblood Wagyu genetics tissues has huge impact on the beef quality and taste. As all wagyu lovers will agree, they’ll feel and taste the difference even at the very first bite.

Crossbred Wagyu

Crossbred Wagyu meanwhile has 50% or higher wagyu genetic content, crossbreeding Fullblood with another breed. It doesn’t have the delicious ‘umami’ taste associated with Fullblood, the highest quality Wagyu.

For example, a beef from the crossbred Wagyu-Angus might have strong and rich flavours – but they don’t have that signature Fullblood Wagyu juicy flavour. 

Here’s a summary of the wagyu contents: 

(Adapted from Assessing Wagyu Cattle) Japanese Black and Red Wagyu (also known as Japanese Brown and Akaushi) are two Wagyu breeds outside of Japan. They are registered with the Australian Wagyu Association using the DNA technology. Currently, Australia is the biggest producer of Fullblood Wagyu beef outside Japan, but the production percentage is low to ensure the highest quality.

It is extremely rare and limited to find a 100% Fullblood Wagyu here in Malaysia, although there are high demands for them. Most of the Wagyu beef sold in the country consists of Crossbred.

But guess what?

We have Fullblood Wagyu at Maria’s SteakCafe, the best steakhouse in town!

However, due to high demands, we don’t have much stock of the Fullblood Wagyu and it’s only available for a limited time. Visit us today and get indulged in the exquisitely marbled meats that will impress even the most discerning connoisseurs! 

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