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Hosting a Business Lunch/Dinner?

Whether you’re a small business owner, a manager of a large firm or a mid-level manager dedicated to moving up the corporate ladder, hosting a business lunch or dinner is an ideal way to nourish good relationships with clients and colleagues.

Business meals offer a chance to accomplish multiple goals. You can:
– take care of business matters
– get to know a client better
– network with other professionals
– RECHARGE with good food!

Here are some tips on how to plan for your business meal.

Know your guests. Research your guests to know their preferences. This doesn’t only include what food they do and don’t eat, but also what food they prefer and what they’ve been eating during the past week.

Choose the right location. It is very important to find the best restaurant or location that is quiet and not too noisy. Your guests will appreciate it if you choose a restaurant close to their workplace, so it’s more convenient.

Plan for the menu in advance, including appetizers, soup, salad, main courses such as steak or spaghetti, dessert and cocktail selections. You may also pair a selection of wines with the meal in advance so that the waiter knows what to bring to the table during mealtime.

Scope out the best seats in the restaurant. Sit in an area that provides the best ambiance, including views and intimate lighting.

Create a seating chart with a selected menu for each guest. This would ensure the smooth delivery of food during the meal and keep the proceedings organized.

Your guests need to feel welcome in their initial interaction. As soon as they start to arrive, greet them individually and ensure every guest finds his or her proper seat.

Take advantage of small talk. Inviting a client for a meal doesn’t mean you need to talk only about business. In fact, it may be appropriate to avoid work topics altogether and simply get to know each other on a personal basis. Have some general conversation topics ready at all times. Topics to avoid include politics, religion or anything that might promote too much debate.

Be fully present.. Perhaps worse than spearing a piece of steak with your knife is spending the entire meal distracted by your phone. Put your phone on silent mode and place it out of sight for the duration of the meal. Be fully present at any dining experience as a gesture of respect to your guests.

Prepay the bill. Seeing the bill arrive can be awkward for your client even though they are not expected to pay. You can settle the bill by discreetly stepping away from the table mid-meal or having the bill emailed to you after the meal.

Why Your Restaurant Choice Matters?

Very simply, if your guests enjoy themselves, they’ll remember you fondly in the future. Relationships are critical in business and having people both remember you, and have good memories of a lunch or dinner experience with you, creates all sorts of benefits and opportunities in the future. A meal isn’t just the sum of the food ingredients. The correct experience, ambiance, service and food all contribute to the memories people are left with.

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